In Gavagai Explorer every account is tied to a plan which has a monthly cost and which allows for the analysis of a certain number of texts. Plans range in size from 250 to 1M texts analyzed per month. The bigger the plan the cheaper each analyzed text will be so for an organization with many users it makes sense to get a big plan and share the credits among the users. 

When a user is managed by another, the credits they use count towards the manager's account and quota. 

Enabling this feature is straight forward:

  1. Decide which account should be the 'main' account. This account will handle payment and choose the plan. This user will be called the 'manager'.
  2. Make a list of the email adresses for the accounts that should 'join' the manager as 'managed users'.
  3. Log in as the manager and go to 'My account'.
  4. Click the button 'Invite a user' and enter a name from the list. 
  5. Repeat the last step for every email-address on the list.

When you invite a user to join your account they will get a notification on the projects page in Explorer. They can go to the 'My account' page to either reject or accept the invitation. If they accept they will join your account as a 'managed user'. If they reject, their account will remain independent.

Both the manager and the managed user can end the relationship on the 'My account' page.