Say you have a survey, where you ask more than one question. For example, for each person you ask, 

1. What did you like about your stay? 

2. What did you not like about your stay?

Then you would get multiple columns of open ended questions. 

The Explorer helps you find the common Topics in text data. If you would like to find the common topics for Answers #1. Then you could upload them and create a project called Answers #1. And similarly for Answers #2. 

However, there is the best practice to do some Excel Transformations to upload both questions in the same project. 

The benifits are 

  • Easy Comparison between answers
  • Common Topics between both answers. That is, what is most top of mind overall
  • Easy Excel Exports. That is, you just have to Export Once

Recall that The Explorer only analyzes one column. What we can do is take both columns and stack each of them on top of each other. But, to make sure a new column is added that says the Question Tag. This allows you to upload one file to The Explorer with one column. And be able to filter through each of the answers in addition, to be able to see individual answers. The only draw back is to remember that it is all stacked so when a Topic is showing a Count and a Percentage, those are respective of the entire set of all answers stacked together. Which you would then have to either Filter in The Explorer or Use Excel to cut the data. 

1. This is what you have. 

What is Recommended is to stack the answers and add another Tag